Screen Printing

Our newest service is tee shirt screen printing. Here are some examples.

See that IGA shirt up top? The picture below is the back of it.

Graphic Detail? Who’s that?

Our designs are unique and thoughtful, our prices are affordable, and we guarantee our quick turn around time. Call or email us for a quote.


Ridin’ Nerdy

A little customization can go a long way.  This is a Honda Metropolitan. The white is a reflective and really shines at night.

And the rear end…

The best part is if you get bored of this look in a couple months, just peel it off and try something new.

A few months later:

New vinyl and it has a whole new attitude. What can we customize for you?

Just ‘Plane’ ol’ Vinyl

Now I can’t take credit for the design of this. This is pretty much how they come stickered from the factory, but the owner of this one wanted to see some color changes. At his request we replaced the N-number, the CTLS, the colors on the rudder among other smaller items.


We did not change those swoopy’s. They came from the factory and we matched stuff to it.

And now, It’s an airplane with it’s party dress on!  Pimped…. I dare say?

Custom sticker

This was a custom ordered sticker for a customer. It’s a meat man. And yes, he’s intended to look just a little…maniacal.

meat man

If you have a custom sticker in mind you are dying without. Contact me, we’ll work something out.


What you’re seeing below is the result of using vinyl to make custom stencils and not the vinyl itself.

This was a poured concrete floor. The tan color is the tinted concrete and everything else is paint. For this logo area we cut a stencil and stuck it to the concrete. Then it was painted in and the vinyl pulled up. Simple as that. You end up with very clean lines.

This same procedure could be done on a wall or any other smooth surface. Stencils can be cut for sandblasting or chemical etching as well.  (Un-stencil related: There is also a semi-transparent vinyl that looks etched already. It can be cut ornately for a front door window or give privacy to your bathroom window.)

Custom stencils can be cut for making tee shirts as well. This would be a unique party idea. Buy your cut stencils and some fabric paint and your party animals each get to give the DIY treatment to their own shirt.